the benefits of small group personal training (SGPT) at TfG

the benefits of small group personal training (SGPT) at TfG

what is small group personal training (SGPT)?

small group personal training (SGPT) is conducted by one trainer working with a maximum of six clients. this allows the trainer to familiarize themselves with each individual’s fitness needs and focus on maintaining proper technique and safety for every client present within the group.
TfG’s SGPT is conducted in a private space that becomes a personal gym for the group of clients. the space houses a variety of equipment that can be used during SGPT sessions including air-bikes, barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, different varieties of resistance bands, suspension straps, and more.

what are the benefits of small group personal training (SGPT)?

more affordable than one-on-one personal training.
pairs clients with a great certified personal trainer that gives each individual personal attention since the group is no more than six.
motivation and support from within the group and the trainer.
fun to train with a like-minded group with similar fitness goals.

small group personal training (SGPT) specialties at TFG.

  • training for outrun- a program for recreational runners designed to train with proper technique and improve cardiovascular capacity while running. skills covered in this program include maintaining and running at specific heart rate zones, running with the proper technique and cadence. this program also includes indoor sessions on strength, conditioning and mobility to improve speed, endurance and stride length while running.
  • training for Spartan races– One of our most popular SGPT programs is to train for Spartan races. Spartan races are popular races that are held multiple times a year, worldwide. this program involves training through obstacle courses and running designed to help aspiring Spartan racers to become stronger, agile and to build endurance. this program is for anyone who is daring to conquer obstacles and have a unique race experience that involves more than running.
  • fitness boxing- this program allows lovers of boxing to learn the proper techniques in a fun kickboxing training session. skills covered in this program include elements of boxing such as box moves, muay thai kicks, and fight moves combined with conditional anaerobic bouts. once you learn the basic forms and techniques, the intensity of the sessions will increase, so clients can relieve stress and get a great cardio workout in.
  • building strength, toning, or core strengthening- there are different SGPT programs for anyone looking to build strength, tone their body, or build their core strength. These sessions are designed based on client needs and will have individuals coming up with and reaching personal targets.
  • program loser- this successful two-month program is returning soon and includes a personalized workout plan, nutrition guide, and diet plan. this program is designed to support clients in meeting their personal weight loss goals. the first batch begins on July 1 and training sessions are available every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 6:30 am, 5:30 pm, or 8:30 pm. new batches for program loser will take place from July 1 to Dec 31.
  • take the first step to becoming healthy and strong by booking a spot in any of the fun SGPT programs we offer.

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