terms and conditions

terms and conditions

Secure online payments from BANK OF MALDIVES 


1 – If you choose to pay by electronic card you will be redirected to The Maldives Payment Gateway of Bank of Maldives for you to enter the card details and necessary processing. We will not be able to see, capture or store your card details and any other information you may ever at The Maldives Payment Gateway. All Communications between Total Fitness Group Pvt Ltd and The Maldives Payment Gateway are encrypted using the TLS/SSL protocol. Once the payment processing is completed (successfully or unsuccessfully) you will be redirected back to our website. 


2 – All customer or the card holders will receive a copy of the order transection details to your email once you purchase any product. We recommend all card holders retain the transection details copy with them.

3 – Credit & Debit Card Information

Your Credit/Debit card payments are processed by BML Secure Payment Gateway. Total Fitness Group Pvt Ltd do not collect or store any information regarding your Credit/Debit card. The Cardholder could retain a copy of payment transection records as a proof of the online purchase from Total Fitness Group Pvt Ltd 


membership terms and conditions

all reference to ‘TfG’ refers to total fitness group, our players (employees), sub-contractors, agents, and representatives. facilities refer to the reception, SEPclinic, kids’ gym, gym and carry, showers, saunas, change rooms, and fitness studios where applicable.

members of TfG are bound, as a condition of membership, to comply with the rules set out below, as may be amended by the TfG from time to time. this is to ensure that the facilities are properly and safely used and that all members may have a full advantage in the use thereof without interfering with the enjoyment of others.

in the event of any breach of membership rules and regulations, TfG reserves the right not to admit entry to the erring member, as well as the right to require any member to leave TfG’s premises. any member found in breach of rules or committing any illegal act, will be asked to permanently leave TfG and be barred from ever entering TfG again.

operating hours

  • 05:30am – 22:00, saturday to thursday. and closed on selected public holidays. TfG reserves the right to vary its operating hours as necessary for its proper operation and when required under certain circumstances.

products and services

  • all memberships, service packages and products purchased are non-transferable and non-refundable. membership and packages may be renewed upon payment of the prevailing fee and following the terms and conditions enforced at the time of renewal.
  • with every new membership there is an initiation fee.
  • TfG reserves the right, at any time, to change the membership fees charged to members for use of the facilities. TfG agrees to use reasonable endeavors to provide you with written/electronic notices of the changes in said fees. the changes will take effect 30 days after the notice has been deemed to be received by you.
  • products and services provided in TfG may be provided by players only. all payments for products and services are to be made to TfG by card and cash payments only at front-desk. if you pay directly to anyone else without TfG’s knowledge, TfG will not only not recognize such payment but retains the right to cancel your membership with a cancellation fee equivalent to the entire balance of your financial obligation and if membership is fully paid, membership is nonrefundable.

member access

  • all members of TfG must be over 16 years of age to make use of facilities and services provided. you must always present / have your membership key card to be able to access TfG.
  • you must not allow anyone to use your membership key card for safety and security reasons.
  • immediately inform TfG front desk in case your membership key card is lost. the replacement fee of a membership key card is 100rf.
  • all members under the age of 16 only has access to the kids gym.
  • as a member, you agree to comply with the rules of TfG concerning the use of the facilities and your conduct.
  • you shall not engage in any type of commercial or business activity while using the facilities. you shall not act as a personal trainer/ coach/ group instructor to other members, nor shall you use any other services from freelance trainers not employed by TfG inside the facility. your membership shall be subject to immediate cancelation and the balance of this agreement declared due and payable in full immediately.

change rooms

  • there are allocated ladies and gents changerooms and under no circumstances shall a person of the opposite sex enter these facilities.
  • lockers can be used by any member.
  • TfG will have no liability for any loss of items.
  • lockers should be emptied upon leaving the facility; therefore, overnight usage of the lockers is strictly prohibited no items shall be left at the facility.
  • items left behind will be removed and donated on a weekly basis if not collected from lost and found within one week.

1on1 personal training (PT)

  • non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • inclusive of gym memberships.
  • includes 12 one on one personal training sessions
  • clients should receive their training programs by email, or any electronic medium used by TfG.
  • includes a monthly body composition assessment & consultation with a master trainer.
  • session cancellation and rescheduling should be done based on trainer availability and client convenience
  • session cancellation and rescheduling by the client should be informed 3 hours prior to the session
  • in the event of non-compliance with the prior statement, the session will be considered utilized, and the
  • client shall sign the session delivery table provided by the personal trainer.
  • in an event of long-term absence of trainer (annual leave or medicals) TfG shall allocate a personal trainer to continue the services.

group PT

  • all group PT memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable
  • inclusive of gym memberships.
  • includes 12 one on one personal training sessions.
  • monthly body composition assessment and consultation with a master trainer
  • in an event of long-term absence of any trainer (annual or medical leave) TfG shall allocate a personal trainer to continue the services for the client.

membership freeze

  • TfG welcomes freeze of general membership for a minimum period of seven (7) days to a maximum of fourteen (14) days.
  • any type of personal training or groupPT cannot be frozen.
  • only general memberships can be frozen.
  • any freeze will be allowed conditionally on the receival of a notice email ( to [email protected] ), seven (7) days in advance, stipulating the dates of general membership freeze.
  • should you be unable to use the facilities due to travels (local and abroad), temporary relocation or for medical reasons, you must submit a freezing email ( to [email protected] ), and proof of travel or medical certificate seven (7) days before the effective date to allow you to freeze your general membership at no cost.
  • you can only freeze your general membership for a minimum of seven (7) days to a maximum of fourteen (14) days after which your membership will automatically resume to being active and you will be billed your regular monthly dues. 
  • the end term shall be adjusted accordingly with the freeze membership period to allow you to complete the installment plan.
  • freezing of general membership will only be allowed once every sixty (60) days.


  • you are responsible for understanding how to operate the panic alarms and agree to use them only in case of an emergency. misuse of any of the alarm and/ or safety equipment will lead to heavy fines.
  • closed shoes will be worn at all times inside the workout facilities of TfG.
  • if you come across any hazardous object or site, please inform one of our players immediately.
  • all our players are first-aiders and will be able to assist in any emergency situation, whether it is to call a doctor or ambulance or to assist in basic first-aid.

personal information

  • you hereby confirm your particulars, telephone, and email addresses you provided and verified at the time of signing this agreement. you will promptly notify us in writing one month in advance of any change in your particulars.
  • the personal information that we collect from you is for the primary purpose of registering your membership with TfG and facilitating the provision of our services to you. you agree and hereby consent that we may also disclose your personal information to our professional advisers, debt collection service providers, third parties providing benefits to TfG, third parties to whom we may outsource our administrative or operative functions, including their agents and assigns, and financiers or government authorities or organizations as required or authorized by law. you hereby agree and consent that the information will be stored on a network database and may be used for internal administrative purposes, debt collection purposes or to enable us to comply, where reasonably necessary, with any court orders, law, rules, or regulations binding on us, or where you have provided your consent, to communicate promotional offers and membership benefits, newsletters and special events to you. you may request access to and/or correction of your personal information by contacting TfG. if you do not provide all or part of the personal information requested, it may not be possible for us to make our services available to you.
  • you agree to abide by all membership rules, policies, and regulations of TfG, as may be prescribed from time to time. horseplay, vulgar language, abuse of the equipment, working out while intoxicated, or other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. TfG retains the right to cancel or suspend the membership of any person for any reason. if such cancellation or suspension is made due to a breach of any of the terms of this agreement, including the membership policies and safety notices, or due to damage rendered by you, the balance of your financial obligations under this agreement shall become due and payable in full immediately. in case where the facility or its contents are damaged, you will also be responsible for the repair or replacement thereof.

TfG will not allow any other verbal agreement between a member and staff or any amendments to these terms and conditions. only the terms and conditions printed on the membership agreement, personal training and other services agreement and facility rules will apply.


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