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since inception in 2010, TfG has embarked on a mission to shape everybody in the Maldives. our vision of contributing something positively to shape the minds, bodies and souls of everybody, has allowed us to not just focus our attention and resources within the four walls of TfG, but to always look beyond the four walls of our beautiful facility in Malé City. facing COVID era comes at a time when TfG have been well underway with its expansion plans and moving into a brand new facility. a more hygienic and clean environment. a more individualized service culture. a more technology driven approach. last but not least, the new facility will be enormous in size. while the work continues with the new facility, the current facility needs our focus and 100% attention.and then we ignited the running revolution in the Maldives. long distance running was born in 2013 with the birth of LONGRUN and continued to be the most looked forward annual long distance running festival in the Maldives. it brought with it a whole new meaning to running with technology being used for the first time to determine the runners’ timings. today, TfG has spread its running revolution to Addu City as well as to Laamu Atoll under its flagship “runinmaldives series”. “running marathons” finally became a dream of many individuals. the birth of obstacle racing was another of our activities that had eventuated through conscious design, passion and enormous dreaming. with passionate and experienced Spartans inside the four walls of TfG and acquired knowledge of teaching obstacle trainings to interested members. TfG have lead a whole new niche market of runners to obstacle courses around the world. shaping their minds, shaping their courage and shaping their perception of themselves has been an achievement (aroo!) that we continue to strengthen in the years to come.

inside the four walls of our current facility

our current facility comprises of 10,000 square feet, with large changing rooms for men/ women, a cardio section with more than 10 treadmills, 5 stationary bikes and elliptical machines. this combined with dedicated strength section and two group class studios make up our work out areas. a spacious cafe (jive) just at the entry/exit floor gives your visit to TfG a positive spin to either boost your energy levels with a shot of espresso before your workouts or just unwind (after your workout) as you sip a recovery drink made to its perfection by our very players. over the years, we have not just shaped individuals, but have transformed our fitness and leisure industry to a great extent. “going to gym” soon became a status symbol that was respected. “personal training” started to convey a whole new meaning, it meant that it was one-on-one and was personalized in many ways. “group classes” had its varieties and its firsts from TOPRIDE (the first of its kind bike class), UBOUND (using trampolines) to KIMAX (using boxing bags). 

body and hits

“our core purpose is to shape every body”

HITS are the key physical attributes that we as a company will continuously talk about.

belief: as players we will always believe in the idea that a physically fit and healthier body can always reap life’s important rewards. we believe that fitness and health goes hand in hand and needs to be carefully aligned to one’s own needs and dreams

obsessed: our obsession is fitness and health. we will continue to stretch our imagination to find what can be done with a fit and healthy body that was not possible before.

determined: we are determined to be the standard in customer care. we want to make your dreams a reality by giving you care that will never be forgotten. by giving you care that will always be remembered.

YES!: can we change any body? YES WE CAN CHANGE EVERYBODY. ultimately this is our life’s work. We are positive minded.

hygiene: this was and will always be our top priority. to this date, our members have appreciated our efforts in keeping TfG clean and hygienic. we will be further lifting our standards (on being hygienic and clean) to levels never seen before (in the fitness industry of maldives) in the hope of providing a safe working environment for our members and players alike.

individualized: we have always treated you as an individual with a unique set of needs and goals. We have always respected your concerns, comforts and criticisms. today, more than ever, we want to strengthen our grips in making your individualized needs our top priority

technology: we will be a leader in using technology to shape you. we will use technology to not just allow you access to TfG (check-ins) but also make your workouts more efficient and effective.

spacious: in 2010 when we opened our doors as a new fitness centre, our service offering included a rare feature to the industry. our fitness centre was not just big in size, but had consciously and carefully incorporated space for our users. space that gives peace of mind. space that is a rare commodity in the all too packed Male’ city.


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