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polar ignite 2


PRECISION PRIME: Polar Ignite 2 uses the Polar Precision Prime™ sensor fusion technology to track heart rate from the wrist. This innovation combines optical heart rate measurement with other sensor technologies in order to rule out motion artifacts that might disturb the heart rate signal and produce unreliable readings.

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  • know how well you recover: recovery from overall stress plays a major role in performance development, optimal daytime functioning, well-being and health. Nightly Recharge tells you how well your body was able to recover from the strain caused by training and other demands of your day.
  • ready-made workouts everyday: FitSpark offers you different types of workouts to choose from everyday. the workouts are easily available on your sports watch.
  • a running program that adapts to your progress: with Polar Running Program, training for a running event is easier than ever. all you need to do is choose your distance and set your date, and Polar Flow creates you a personal and adaptive training plan that is based on your individual metrics. your plan adapts along the way based on your progress.


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