shadow boxing

a jab, a cross and a hook – does these sound familiar to you? yes, we are talking about shadow boxing! you might have heard of shadow boxing as a form of exercise that is used to prepare your body for combat, but did you know? this is a great form of a full body workout that works your shoulders, chest, arms and your leg muscles. we offer you the ultimate shadow boxing class, FIGHTDO from Radical Fitness.

barbell training

if you are looking for a fully body workout with a barbell, then RADICAL POWER is the ultimate program. this is a pre-choreographed program using weights that combines different muscle groups to produce workouts that are always unique. its simple structure means that you take away the complexity, increase the intensity, and get the most POWER! – full muscle conditioning workout.

trampoline fitness

one thing for sure is that you will feel ‘boundless’ energy throughout UBOUND. this mini trampoline class of Radical Fitness is a simple yet intense cardio exercise! what’s more to it? it gets your lymphatic systems working to remove toxins from your body and also releases a burst of endorphins which equals a happy you during and after this class. this class is also a low impact class, which means less stress on your joints! lets’ put them all together and you have got yourself an amazing workout experience!

indoor cycling

looking for a workout to improve your cardiovascular fitness, stamina and speed? the indoor cycling class, TOPRIDE is the ultimate spinning class. it’s not just another choreographed class – it’s three rides, three journeys, three challenges. this is a “radical” new indoor cycling program created specifically to satisfy the needs of those who love to burn calories and cycle. you have a 45 minute workout experience that focuses on legs and glutes while also training both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. for great motivation and power training, TOPRIDE will allow you to burn calories fast, tone your thighs and glutes while also helping to effectively relieve stress.

dance fitness

are you are dance enthusiast? yes? then get ready to hit the dance floor for a fun and effective dance workout. learn to move to different rhythms, from the styles like bachata to hip hop. MEGADANZ is a dance based program of Radical Fitness, that has a warm-up, nine cardio dances and a relaxing stretch segment. there are different rhythms for each track, each with different intensities determined by the pace of the music and energy of the movements. the choreography is developed with simple movements, for learning and for experiencing an amazing class. MEGADANZ will help you gain good coordination and flexibility while getting to enjoy a fun cardio session.




a kick here, a jab there, BOOM! can you think of anything more satisfying than striking a kickboxing bag? using different combinations of muay thai and boxing, KIMAX of Radical Fitness is an ultimate option for fat burning, cardio, improving coordination and also training your core! kickboxing is well known to improve muscle strength in both your upper and lower body. that feeling of euphoria during this class is unlike any other. ready to rumble?

step exercise

this not just an ordinary step class. we squat, we lunge, we knee to help tone out your legs and abs. with step exercise, plyometrics and weights plates for the upper body, you get a good full body workout in 45 mins with the latest music! EXTREME 55 by Radical Fitness is extreme because it gets extreme results. X55 uses the step as a platform with very simple moves to work the legs, you then include the hand weights to sculpt and define your arms. during the 55 minutes you will burn the maximum amount of calories you can and give maximum tone to all the muscles in the body. the best part is you also get a good cardio to burn those calories.

mind & body

develop flexibility, improve mobility, discover core strength. OXIGENO by Radical Fitness will bring another dimension to your fitness regime. this is a slow dynamic workout that incorporates yoga, tai chi, chi gong, pilates and dynamic stretches. this class will help reduce your stress levels. this class will also give you a sense of harmony and calm, enabling you to gain a better night’s sleep. during your OXIGENO experience you will notice how more flexible you become; your mobility will improve along with your core strength.

suspension training

FACTORF is a simple yet functional program by Radical Fitness that is designed using one of the most modern training methodology “suspension straps” or “TRX bands” ..this is a program where body weight is used as resistance during your workout. this 30 minutes program delivers you a full bodyweight workout which gives you the same benefits of a gym workout. with the added benefits of cardio segments and core-strengthening, FACTORF is your go to suspension training class!


enter, ELEVEN, the new HIIT program by Radical Fitness, which uses a clever combination of plyometric, functional and athletic exercises, interspersed with blocks of active recovery. this class helps you burn fats, fill your body with endorphins and allow you to push and challenge physical boundaries. ELEVEN is so effective it could be adaptable as a 15-30 min program. with ELEVEN, you will lose weight, build muscle and improve cardio. we bring you the ultimate fitness program, that will change not only your body, but also your mind, as you reach the next level of physical training.

abs & bums

HYPER C is a strength, toning and conditioning program specifically for the abdominals and glutes which will help you do almost anything. HYPER C uses the HIIT formula providing great results in a short time. in fact, the training is so superior it can be offered as a 15-30 min workout. this program by Radical Fitness will help you improve and tone your abs and glutes and burn fat localized in the abdominal zone. HYPER C is what all abs and bums programs should be, innovative, challenging and rewarding!


walk in with your mat and settle yourself in to begin your practice of hatha yoga where we practice asanas (yoga postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) yoga is the union of mind, body and breath. learn to move consciously and be aware of your own boy and breath through yoga. gaining the strength and flexibility to gradually do different types of poses. Helps improves your posture, stability and breathing which in turn helps you in your daily life and other fields of fitness. ..we guide you to build a strong practice, bringing peace to your mind and body while preparing yourself to create more awareness within yourself.