jumping around something you love as a kid, bounding a trampoline gives you the same good feeling and is ridiculously good cardiovascular exercise.

its low impact, its fun and it kicks you on that energy rush that keeping you pushing more and more. this mini trampoline program is known as major calorie burner with more than 900 calories burned per hour recorded.

why you should do UBOUND

  • strengths and tones the legs and glutes.
  • helps to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • fights cellulite.
  • improves metabolic functions with cardiovascular training.
  • UBOUND makes you fly.

what to bring to the class

  • POLAR – heart rate sensor (recommended).
  • water bottle (water is available) & sweat towel.
  • comfortable sports tops, shorts or tights.
  • clean pair of indoor shoes.
  • high-impact sports bra (women).


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