this class is simple enough for many to pick up and integrate into their fitness regime. beyond it’s ease, it also boasts plenty of great health benefits. from it’s stress-reduction abilities to impressive calorie-burning, cycling is a serious workout that improves physical and mental health. this class mimics the concepts of rad cycling into the routine.

along with many formats of rides, it incorporates hiit and tabata model routines.

why you should do TOPRIDE

  • builds endurance.
  • builds cardiovascular fitness.
  • improves immune function.
  • builds lower body strength.
  • TOPRIDE is not just a RIDE.

what to bring to the class

  • POLAR – heart rate sensor (highly recommended).
  • water bottle (water is available) & sweat towel.
  • comfortable sports tops, shorts or tights.
  • clean pair of indoor shoes / sweat bands (optional).
  • clycling shoes and cycling tights (recommended).
  • high-impact sports bra (women).


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