program loser

our very own weight loss challenge and one of our most successful programs in the past decade where hundreds of people have changed their lives for beter.

who can participate?

anyone above the age of 18 are invited to participate in these challenges. keeping in mind that there will be a careful health history evaluation and anyone with a serious medical condition or major injury will not be taken in to participate.

what is a season?

programLOSER will have two seasons in every year, season 1 being from 01st of january to 03th june and season two from 01st of july to 31st december. every season TfG will award the grand prize winners.

what to expect in programLOSER

the programLOSER is a 09 weeks small group personal training program, where the participants are taken through a journey of learning. learning the correct form of exercises and understading the nutrition returned to lose weight. during the programLOSER the participants will be given support in training and unlimited contact with the master trainers to discuss and overcome the obstacles of the weight loss journey.


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