there’s more than one way to tone & strengthen your entire body, using a barbell, plates and/or your body weight, and that’s the secret behind POWER!

the class is lead by an instructor who guides participants through various exercises to contemporary music soundtrack. the aim is to develop numerous domains of physical fitness, particularly cardiovascular fitness, cardio stamina and flexibility.

why you should do POWER

  • boots metabolism and fat loss.
  • Burns approximately 600 calories per session.
  • Full body strengthening and conditioning.
  • Enhance mood and reduces stress.
  • POWER releases endorphins.

what to bring to the class

  • POLAR – heart rate sensor (recommended)
  • water bottle (water is available) & sweat towel
  • comfortable sports tops, shorts or tights
  • clean pair of indoor shoes / sweat bands (optional)
  • high-impact sports bra (women)


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