Hyper C

abs, thighs and glutes! targeted to the area we love to hate. if your goal is to have a firm ab, you are signing up your way to plank, crunch your core to shape.

have you ever thought of putting yourself to test? Get those legs, bums and tums working, this class with leave your muscles burning whist building a stronger resilient core.

why you should do HYPER C

  • toning glutes and abs.
  • build solid core for performance.
  • increased fat burning during and after the session.
  • improves posture, joint stability and coordination.
  • HYPER C is the ultimate core class.

what to bring to the class

  • POLAR – heart rate sensor (recommended).
  • water bottle (water is available) & sweat towel.
  • comfortable sports tops, shorts or tights.
  • clean pair of indoor shoes.
  • high-impact sports bra (women).


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