Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance workout that instructors say is primarily an aerobic workout — and it’s all about having fun. few exercise classes have had Zumba‘s staying power. this dance workout — which looks and sounds more like a dance party — remains a popular go-to for fitness-minded folks around the world.

why you should do Zumba

  • build immune function.
  • burn calories and lose weight while having fun.
  • improved coordination and dance techniques.
  • improves mood & self confidence.
  • ZUMBA releases stress.

what to bring to the class

  • POLAR – heart rate sensor (recommended).
  • water bottle (water is available) & sweat towel.
  • comfortable sports tops, shorts or tights.
  • clean pair of indoor shoes.
  • high-impact sports bra (women).


Zumba is one of the most trending group fitness class in the world.its a fitness class with a party vibe. originally consisting of mainly latin styles of dance but over the years more international flavors have been added, like soca and bollywood.

Zumba is a dance class that was founded by a Columbian instructor in the mid 1990’s named Beto Perez through a happy little accident due to forgetting his original aerobic class music and having to use latin music.at that time the class was named “Rumbercize”. the class was officially named “Zumba” in 2001 after Beto had moved to the United States and partnering with Alberto Perlman and Alberto Aghion. from then onwards the popularity of Zumba began to rise and is now popular in more than 200 countries in the world.

who can do Zumba?

Zumba is for everybody from beginner to experienced in the world of fitness. perfect for people who is likes dancing and have fun while working working out

benefits of Zumba?

-Zumba has high and low intensity intervals that help with the cardiovascular system.

-in a class a person would be working in between Zone 2 (60 to 70% of HRmax)
and 3 (70 to 80% of HRmax) heart Zones. this would help to improve aerobic capacity, reduce fat and weight.

-a 45min class can burn up to approximately 300-700 calories depending on the intensity level

-Zumba is also great to improve coordination and flexibility due to the various styles of dance and moves

-its a great mood booster due to the upbeat music and great way to socialize with friends while working out

-a great way to learn how to dance or improve your dancing level

overall Zumba is a perfect first step to take if a person wishes to start a fitness journey. so why wait? join a Zumba class today

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