small group personal training in TfG

at the start October 2020, small group personal training (SGPT) came to light in TfG, after the fall down of the economy in Maldives due to covid, TfG reopened after 3 months of full lockdown of the capital city Male’ end of July 2020.

at the time, SGPT was specifically for the spartan SGX training. however, end of October 2021 SGPT was up and running for program loser for a corporate company with more than 40 clients in 8 small groups. the results of this program was prodigious.
this was the light at the end of the tunnel for TfG at that time. a couple of months later T-form, a body transformation SGPT was introduced, this was a success story for the clients as they achieved their miraculous target through the program.

we have build a concept of SGPT of one trainer working with a maximum number of 6 clients. this helps the trainer to associate with each individual client and be more focused on teaching the technique and safety of every client present within the group. we offer a private space which includes air-bike, barbells, dumbbells, medicine balls, different varieties of resistance bands, suspension straps and many more. this space becomes their own personal gym for the group of clients.

SGPT has many benefits, it’s more affordable than one on one personal training. gives you the experience with a great certified personal trainer who gives more attention as the number is not more than 6. motivation and support will come from within the group and the trainer him or herself. yes, it is definitely going to fun to train with a like minded group together.

for TfG, SGPT has been evolving with different concepts. presently, our SGPT caters specific training for outrun, Spartan training, fitness boxing, building strength, toning, core strengthening and many more.

running is not that simple when it’s done right. outrun delivers sessions with the technical aspect of running. first and most importantly, knowing to maintain and run at specific heart rate zones. secondly, running with the right technique, with correct landing and body movement, trying to catch yourself running at the right cadence. our running SGPT also comes with indoor sessions on strength, conditioning and mobility, which is a huge aspect to improve your running skills, your speed, endurance and stride length. we welcome all the recreational runners who would love to run, this is a wonderful opportunity to train with the right technique and improve the cardio vascular capacity while running.

our spartans have been training race specific, selected races all over the world. this obstacle course running trainings are one of the most famous SGPT trainings in TfG. we train them to become stronger, agile and to build their endurance. to anyone who’s daring to conquer the obstacles and have a different race experience rather than only running, this is the training to call upon.

who loves boxing? SGPT of fitness boxing is the green light to anyone who really wants to learn the right techniques of boxing. this is a fun kickboxing training session which includes the elements of boxing which are, box moves, muay thai kicks and fight moves combined with conditional exercises and anaerobic bouts. once you get the correct techniques the training sessions will develop to increase the intensity on the punches and kicks. it’s a great stress reliever, the session itself releases happy hormones.

we have different SGPT sessions, for the one’s who wants to build strength, tone and to build their core strength as well. these group pt sessions will be molded according to the targets of the clients coming. our utmost goal is to reach their targets. recently, from 0900-1200, we have introduced a SGPT, which comes with a very special rate. this is a great time for the mothers who are busy with their daily chores, to drop their kids to school and to come and workout and maintain a good fitness regime and live a healthy lifestyle. these hours are also targeted for seniors who would love to maintain their general fitness and be healthy and strong. exercising is not for any age, it’s for all ages and everybody.

TfG definitely gives so much varieties of SGPT to choose from, to workout in a fun and cheerful environment. i would definitely say, give it try and i promise you will love it. incorporate exercising as part of your daily lifestyle, you will see how it eases the movement in your everyday living.

Aishath Shaffa

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