Self Discipline in maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle.

“self discipline” is such a powerful word. many have failed to do it, i,myself have failed at it a number times. however, like Albert Einstein quoted, “a person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new”. failure is just part of the success, it’s just part of the learning process to become better.

oxford languages defined self discipline as “the ability to control one’s feelings and overcome one’s weakness”.

first of all, let’s see the typical facts why people fail to maintain self discipline to achieve a healthy lifestyle. self discipline on this matter is most likely to be consuming good nutrition and maintaining a good exercise regime. to reach this ethical level some face a lot of physical and psychological challenges, whereas, some might be born natural to lead this kind of lifestyle. our lifelong habits of eating and irresistible temptations make it hard for us to focus on what is important and healthy. so, when you think, yes I have got to let these bad habits go and then when you start to correct yourself to the healthier path your mind and body will start to feel like you are pushing yourself against the natural order. this is when you start becoming fatigued mentally and physically and when your body is rejecting to let yourself follow your healthy diet and exercise. when part of self disciplined lifestyle becomes ceaseless without any rest this creates unfavourable physical and psychological tensions which results in low motivation and failure to engage in a healthy lifestyle.

self discipline needs to be practiced in the rightway same as any other skill. every time you fail, just have a look at where you have gone wrong and loopholes, try to fix it and then start all over again, it’s all about never giving up and always aiming for a stronger comeback. in my view, to achieve the path to a healthy lifestyle begins with a goal. determination for a step by step lifestyle change is very important. for example, you might be someone who skips breakfast and then eats two big meals per day, reason being when you skip your breakfast your hunger level raises so much you have no control on what you eat during lunch. on the other hand if you have a good portioned breakfast and a small healthy snack in between breakfast and lunch, i am sure by the time you have your lunch, a required portion of lunch will be more than full filling. achieving realistic goals, setting targets smaller and smaller by improving gradually to reach to a level where there is a complete lifestyle change which you slowly adapted to and which you are willingly to adapt is very essential. once, the small goals are conquered one by one, set a new goal and a time frame which helps you keep going and work harder to sustain an ethical healthy lifestyle. do not go beyond your capacity just like that, setting goals which are too big, which will demotivate you and might cause physical(injury prone) and mental (stress) weakness to maintain the clean living which you want to reach. create smaller goals and achieve them gradually to live your dream and achieve your bigger target. do not compete with others or compare yourself to others, just look in ways in which you can improve you as a better person.Know yourself, know what your body type is, know what kind of exercises your body feels good about. create a routine to exercise, you will always have time when you find it. It doesn’t need to be 2-3 long hours, it can be done by sleeping early or by getting enough sleep 6-8 hours and 30 minutes cardio in the morning and later on in the evening you can even do a 30-40 minute workout based on the targets your body wants to achieve. sleep and rest is a big part of this healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to go by the same routine 7 days a week, always take a day or two off for your body to recover and start fresh. you don’t need to do the same exercises all the time, change it over time to make it more fun and energetic. sometimes when you are always running and exercising at the gym or at home, change for a bit, go cycling or swimming for two to three days, get a break from constantly doing the same thing and return back fresh and more ready to keep going. yes, you are what you eat, get help from a certified nutritionist, know your body type and learn your macros, if you want to lose or gain weight, how much protein,carbs and fat you need to consume per day with inclusion of the essential vitamins and minerals in your diet. never forget about hydration. keep yourself hydrated with the right amount of hydration your body needs.

it’s never easy, no pain no gain.

“you can’t win the war against the world if you can’t win against your own mind”, Will Smith.

a strong willpower and motivation to overcome your mediocrity gives you the tenacity to maintain the modality of a healthy, self-disciplined lifestyle.

Aishath Shaffa

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