we are enthralled to be the sole distributor of BH fitness in the Maldives – a global leader in fitness equipment for both home and commercial markets.

this Spain based company is present in more than 85 countries through its subsidiaries and dealers, catering to gymnasiums, hotels & resorts, condominiums, sport clubs and public administrations around the globe, aiding fitness enthusiasts, trainers and gym managers to gain required fitness needs. the brand offers a technological approach, combined with a deep knowledge of the fitness industry.

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we are the authorized distributor of POLAR watches in the Maldives. these are the ultimate multisport watches that are designed to guide every ambitious, goal-oriented athlete or fitness enthusiast to reach their maximum potential.

POLAR watches are durable, light and the ultimate choice for running or any other sport. with the built-in GPS, it let’s you enjoy your runs or workouts without your phones. want to keep an eye on your heart rate and your health from a recovery standpoint? the optical heart rate monitor gets this job done!

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elevate the guest experience with the on-demand virtual fitness engine from Radical Fitness. RF virtual allows the guests to choose workouts to their preferences and curate their own workout plans. RF virtual utilizes modern technology to a new innovative height with minimal investment.

we are providing a one stop fitness solution to the hospitality industry. this revolutionary customer experience creates a compact, yet functional and comprehensive workout space in the privacy and comfort of the guest rooms and fitness centers.

integrate this virtual fitness experience to enhance your guest experience – be the change!


we are the sole distributor of Hüma – 100% all-natural, great tasting energy gel made with fruit puree, chia seeds and brown rice syrup. Hüma Gel is made with finely milled chia seeds to help modulate an even energy output and has a 2:1 ratio of short & long chain glucose to fructose for maximum carbohydrate uptake.

this is the perfect energy supplement for many races; ideal for runners, cyclists, triathletes and endurance athletes. these ready-to-eat pouches come in exciting caffeinated and decaffeinated flavors which are – strawberries, apples & cinnamon, blueberries, mangoes, chocolate, café mocha, raspberries and lemonade.

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International Personal Trainers and Fitness Academy (IPTFA) is a leading personal training and fitness education provider in Asia.

in affiliation with the world’s most highest ranked fitness organizations like International Health, Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA), IDEA Health & Fitness Association (IDEA), The University of Newcastle (UNC), Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education (OUHK LiPACE), Lingnan Institute of Further Education (LIFE).

at TfG we are the IPTFA – South Asia campus