original pistachio milk (1l)


1 litre.

the perfect combo of finest dark belgian chocolate and pistachio milk. our pistachio milk has a mild but rich, distinctive flavour of non-gmo pistachios with cashew blend.

no cane sugar, carrageenan, preservatives or nasty chemicals added.

rich chocolate blend.

only 70 calories




  • high in vitamin b’s, folic acid and omega 3.
  • zero-trans fat and zero-cholesterol.
  • sterilized for 1-2 seconds only so most nutrition stays.
  • suitable for everyone, including children one year and older

ingredients: pistachio milk (filtered water 46%, whole pistachios 14%) 60%, cashew milk (filtered water 23%), whole cashews 13%) 36%, cocoa organic powder 2%, organic coconut flower nectar 2%


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