FIGHTDO is not like any other martial arts to music program! this program allows a beginner to walk into a class and pick up simple moves designed into simple routines. FIGHTDO consists of arm and leg movements executed into boxing and kicking routin ..

Radical Power

a pre-choreographed program using weights that combines different muscle groups to produce workouts that are always unique. its simple structure means that you take away the complexity, increase the intensity, and get the most POWER! - full muscle co ..


UBOUND utilizes mini trampolines to give you an unbeatable workout with ZERO impact due to the trampolines elastic nature. you will feel your body working in ways it never believed possible as you act against the ULTIMATE opposing force GRAVITY! tout ..


TOP RIDE - not just another choreographed class. three rides. three journeys. three challenges. TOP RIDE is the only ride. TOP RIDE, a “radical” new indoor cycling program created specifically to satisfy the needs of those who love to burn calories a ..


ever wanted to star in broadway? can you shimmy and shake? do you love to dance? do you love to have fun? then put on your baggy pants and get down to the MEGADANZ experience. MEGADANZ is a dance based program that has a warm-up, nine cardio dances a ..


KIMAX translated as ENERGY MAXIMUM is a martial arts fitness program with disciplines of boxing, muay thai and karate techniques. participants will be punching and kicking on the free standing bag and yes of course maximizing the energy while they bu ..


imagine a step and no coordination required! imagine a set of dumbbells. imagine great music. imagine a great atmosphere. imagine the change in your body! EXTREME 55 is extreme because it gets extreme results. remember the old tummy hips and thighs? ..


develop flexibility, improve mobility, discover core strength. OXIGENO will bring another dimension to your fitness regime. OXIGENO will help reduce your stress levels. OXIGENO will give you a sense of harmony and calm, enabling you to gain a better ..

FactorF Suspension

FACTOR F is simple yet functional, the program is designed using one of the most modern training methodology “suspension straps” where body weight is used as resistance. this 30 minutes program delivers an intense session with bouts of cardio and cor ..

FactorF Circuit

FactorF Circuit is the a class where you train in a six station circuit. the class consists of very simple exercises with the use of props such as kettle bells, bands, barbells, medicine balls etc or just the weight of the body. increase in the metab ..


enter, ELEVEN, our new HIIT program, which uses a clever combination of plyometric, functional and athletic exercises, interspersed with blocks of active recovery. adrenaline, the ultimate hormone which the ELEVEN class helps you burn fats, fill you ..


enter, HYPER C, a strength, toning and conditioning program specifically for the abdominals and glutes which will help you do almost anything. HYPER C uses the HIIT formula providing great results in a short time. in fact, the training is so superior ..


spartan group exercise class based on developing cardiovascular fitness, agility and strength


programLOSER is a 9 week long body transformation challenge conducted by TfG for a limited number of members. a set diet plan is advised to all the challengers while a selected group of our trainers follow a pre-planned workout regime in a group pers ..


do you like running? do you like the burn you feel in your legs when you push yourself to finish that extra kilometer? enjoy the outdoors with a friendly environment? then OutRun is for you! the program is TfG's own specialized program specifically d ..


walk in with your mat and settle yourself in to begin your practice of hatha yoga where we practice asanas (yoga postures) and pranayamas (breathing exercises) which guides you to build a strong practice, bringing peace to your mind and body while pr ..